Vision & mission

Our vision is to maintain our worldwide leadership in strategic branding, retail environments and the digital customer experience in financial services.

Our mission is to create cost-efficient design solutions based on robust strategies which result in increased profitability for our clients.

Global yet local expertise

Mexico to Singapore, Iceland to Saudi Arabia – we’ve worked with more than 400 clients around the world. Each project is shaped by a deep understanding of the local market and cultural insight.

Our strength in numbers


World leader in financial services
(350 banks)


35% increase in revenues


We work for 9 of the top 20 banks in the world


We have worked for banks with 50-13,000 branch networks


25% attract new customers


40% reduction in implementation costs


300% increase in brand awareness


30% increase in customer service satisfaction

Meet the team

allen international has assembled a highly skilled team led by creative, strategic and design directors with a specialised industry knowledge. Each director is supported by a team of highly creative and energetic designers, skilled in the disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture, 3D Modelling, Branding, Graphic Design, Digital Communications, Space Planning, Visual Merchandising, Furniture and Fixture Design.