Vision & mission

Our vision is to maintain our worldwide leadership in strategic branding, retail environments and the digital customer experience in financial services.

Our mission is to create cost-efficient design solutions based on robust strategies which result in increased profitability for our clients.

Global yet local expertise

Mexico to Singapore, Iceland to Saudi Arabia – we’ve worked with more than 400 clients around the world. Each project is shaped by a deep understanding of the local market and cultural insight.

Our strength in numbers


World leader in financial services
(350 banks)


35% increase in revenues


We work for 9 of the top 20 banks in the world


We have worked for banks with 50-13,000 branch networks


25% attract new customers


40% reduction in implementation costs


300% increase in brand awareness


30% increase in customer service satisfaction

Meet the team

allen international has assembled a highly skilled team led by creative, strategic and design directors with a specialised industry knowledge. Each director is supported by a team of highly creative and energetic designers, skilled in the disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture, 3D Modelling, Branding, Graphic Design, Digital Communications, Space Planning, Visual Merchandising, Furniture and Fixture Design.

  • Michael Allen

    Michael is the founder of allen international and has grown the company to be the world leader in financial services for branding and retail design. Having now been involved in over 200 bank projects over the last 20 years, Michael and the team at allen international can bring unparalleled experience to either the brand values and personality of a bank’s brand identity.

    Michael Allen
  • Mark Howman

    Mark has now been with allen international for over 15 years, joining as a Design Director and now performing a diverse role as a board director with a still huge enthusiasm for the creative output and client relationships. During the last three years Mark has played significant role in delivering unique multi-sensory experiences.

    Mark Howman
    Creative Managing Director
  • Richard Benson

    Richard has been responsible for directing the development of original brand identities and interior concepts for a diverse collection of retailers and banks alike. Prior to allen international Richard was lead designer on a number of petrochemical retail projects for both Esso and Shell UK.

    Richard Benson
    Managing Creative Director
  • James White

    James is an experienced member of the allen international team who has worked with clients all over the world, from Brazil all the way to Kazakhstan. James loves the challenge of delivering innovative solutions that simplify the complex and deliver tangible results.

    James White
    Design Director
  • Nic Preece

    Nic graduated with a degree in product design but quickly moved in to brand and interior environments; he has 20 years’ experience working with major international clients, starting when he lived in Singapore and India during the ‘90s. He has an empathic nature and is able to quickly understand his clients needs and the unique cultural differences of the countries he’s working in.

    Nic Preece
    Design Director
  • Suraj Natarajan

    Suraj has been involved in the design industry for over 25 years and has worked for some of the UK and UAE’s leading design agencies. His experience ranges from brand strategy and retail environments through to implementation across various delivery channels and within all sectors, whether it’s B2B, B2C or FMCG. He has a BA in Architecture from Westminster University.

    Suraj Natarajan
    Design Director
  • With over 15 years design experience, Laura joined Allen International in 2006 assuming responsibility for projects including: Mauritius Commercial Bank, Banorte (Mexico), TDB Bank (Mongolia), AmBank (Malaysia), Bac A Bank (Vietnam) and TBC Bank (Georgia). Laura has an MA and BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design from the Institute of Art & Design.

    Laura Newton
    Design Director
  • Graham has been a Retail and Brand Experience designer for over 20 years, working for global brands including Bentley, Emirates, BP, Barclays, Bank of Jordan and Saudi Hollandi Bank. Prior to joining allen international he led the Brand Experience team for Landor Europe, Middle East and Africa. Graham holds an HND in Product Design and a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design.

    Graham Butterworth
    Design Director
  • A graphic designer with 17 years of experience in retail, Adrian is a versatile and creative designer and strategic thinker who brings his skills to interactive digital communications.

    Adrian Hawkins
    Digital Design Director
  • Christina Blache

    Christina is specialised in developing brand, retail design and engagement strategies. She has worked on a number of high profile programmes for clients across the globe including leading banks in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Since joining allen international Christina has worked for more than 40 financial companies in 35 countries.

    Christina Blache
    Brand Strategy Director