• The High Street Is Dead
    The branch IS in fact dead… but only as we know it.
  • The Artisanal Financial Retailer
    Whether they are brewers or booksellers, artisan businesses are gaining traction.
  • Design for better relationships
    Design for conversations changes the branch in line with what customers want.
  • The importance of a value proposition
    The importance of a value proposition
    It is surprising how many designers are not tuned in to the value their work has in growing and retaining customer numbers.
  • new world branding
    New World Branding
    Read any branding related blog and you will see authors shouting ‘the future is all about data’… and to a certain degree, they are right, but they are not completely right.
  • brand promise burger
    How important is a Brand Promise?
    The carefully crafted photograph on the right, with the plump bun, carefully manicured filling and soft lighting is a far call from the reality of the product many of us are served – shown on the left.
  • standing out red shoes
    Brand DNA: genuine, unique, you
    When it comes to creating experiences for companies, I am still surprised, even today, to hear clients say ‘We don't just want to be another... we want something really unique’.
  • connect people laying on grass
    What it means to connect emotionally?
    As the tentacles of technology stretch further and further into our everyday lives, so does the ability for organizations to harvest more and more information about customers emotional responses to their products and services.
  • relevancy social media
    The battle for relevancy
    Social media is changing everything, especially in the retail business. Over the past twelve months, we have seen banks enabling features that help customers send money to others using these and other channels. This trend is developing fast, so fast in fact that some believe social media platforms may...
  • the phygital future
    The phygital future
    In this article we explore what role stores could play in a Phygital future (a combination of physical and digital), and explore how this combination could be used to engage customers in the most profound ways.
  • robot out of humans
    Taking the robot out of humans
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are going to change everything and they will be replacing you (or will they?)
  • white swan swimming in black water
    Why technology should be beautiful or invisible
    There is a new world order, where data is king and where simple and effective customer experiences rule.