TDB Mongolia


TDB Bank


TDB (Trade and Development Bank) is the largest commercial bank in Mongolia with a 40% market share of the corporate segment and more than 55% of trade finance delivered through more than 45 branches throughout the country. It is also one of the leading providers of SME and retail banking.

For TDB’s new head office, allen international created a universal banking environment offering a differentiated customer experience to each of the core business segments.

In order to facilitate efficient customer navigation, whilst at the same time delivering enhanced customer service, a clearly defined customer journey was established. Various segment offers were defined by zoning the branch both physically and visually.


Create a unique head office branch that would provide a blueprint for all other branch applications by establishing a visual language for the physical environment. 


A series of stand-alone furniture elements for each segment that can be adapted depending on the required service offer and product mix. 


Substantial increase in customer traffic for all segments and a 20% increase in loans and deposits.