Standard Bank South Africa

Standard Bank SA

Standard Bank SA

South Africa

Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa with over 500 branches, wanted to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace as its customer base evolved economically and asked allen international to create a new retail bank design to enable this.

Segmenting by customer needs and using materials embracing the colours, textures and vibrancy of African life, products were merchandised according to the life stages and lifestyles of each group, which created a higher level of branch personalisation.

200 branches have now been changed to the new concept and show increased consumer satisfaction and product sales.


Keep Standard Bank relevant to changing market.
Segment customers thoughtfully based on needs.


Products aimed at life stages and lifestyles.
Vibrant colours and textures used to promote African heritage.


200 branches have adopted new scheme so far.
High level of customer satisfaction reported.
Increase in product sales.