Raiffeisen International

Raiffeisen International

Raiffeisen International


With branches across Europe in 15 different countries, Raiffeisen International wanted to develop a single brand vision and branch customer experience.

allen international was briefed to develop a retail bank design strategy that would shift the emphasis in branch from transaction to sales and service whilst catering for regional operational variations and market opportunities.

Working with representatives from all regions we were able to gain an invaluable insight to the different markets and develop a highly original and instantly recognisable communications design using our unique Kit of Parts modular system.


Bank design strategy to shift focus from transaction to sales.
Unify customer experience across 15 countries.
Allow for regional operational variations.


Coordinate interior design strategy across all 15 regions.
Maximise outcome of each customer visit.
Develop modular Kit of Parts.


Comprehensive design standards manual issued.
Centralised procurement system for pilot branches.
15-region rollout in progress.