NCB National Commercial Bank Saudi

National Commercial Bank

National Commercial Bank

Saudi / Middle East

The challenge for allen international was to develop a successful new identity system which will communicate the new brand values and Brand DNA of NCB, the National Commercial Bank, throughout the branches. The Solution A unique element of the new branch concept was to position the Wessam Lounge for Premium and SMEs on the ground floor and Retail and Transactions on the first floor. A host would assist customers in the 24 Lobby and direct them to their destination within the branch.

A key part of the strategy would be for retail customers to pass the Wessam Lounge and to aspire to become a Wessam customer in the future. Once inside the Wessam Lounge, VIP customers would be exposed to a ‘bazaar’ of product shops from mutual funds, investments, local shares, etc, to encourage the cross-selling of the bank’s products and services.

The successful design implementation across the branches, helped NCB to exceed performance levels in its existing network throughout categories including sales, customer satisfaction and migration to alternative channels.