GO Telecom retail brand identity

GO Telecom

GO Telecom

Saudi Arabia

Telecommunications group, Atheeb, approached allen international to create a new brand identity, for GO Telecom, based on a youthful ‘can do’ attitude: smart, fresh, innovative, and delivering speed, simplicity and accessibility. Challenging conventions in the local market the new brand had to connect to a young audience and create a strong emotional bond.

Having established the brand positioning we created three routes based around technology, youth and visual impact with the agreed and registered name of ‘GO’.

The final solution, inspired by the familiarity of a beach ball, transcends all age groups whilst transparency creates intrigue with the ability to see through to the inside of the globes. The identity then develops into the unravelling of the globes to reveal all services and products.

Vibrant colours have created a youthful, energetic, high-impact brand identity which will be delivered through its own retail network and host retailers – high visibility was a driving factor for the colour choice.


Create a new identity to appeal to the youth market.
Values of simplicity and accessibility.
Challenge current market conventions.


Agreed and registered ‘GO’.
Beach ball-inspired identity both familiar and dynamic.
Transparency of design suggests openness and accessibility.


GO successfully launched across Saudi Arabia.
Retail outlets youthful and eye-catching.