General Optica

General Optica

General Optica


General Optica, one of Spain’s leading retail opticians, wanted to appear less clinical and reposition themselves as a fashion-oriented destination, increasing footfall and repeat visits and creating cross-selling opportunities.

allen international created a ‘centre of well-being’ concept, based on positive emotional values, using interest and style to provide customers with services including healthcare, fashion items, photographic imaging, internet access and refreshments at the heart of the store. Graphic communications provided exciting lifestyle enhancements to previously bland, price-led, promotions.

Pilot flagship stores in Zaragoza and Barcelona exceeded sales plans by 35%. The concept was refined into a cost effective ‘Kit of Parts’ system to enable retrofitting of the 140-store chain.


Reposition General Optica
as fashion destination.
Increase footfall.
Increase sales.


‘Centre of well-being’ created.
Products and fashion items showcased.
Graphic communications used to promote lifestyle message.


Increased footfall.
35% sales increase.
Concept rolled out as Kit of Parts across network.