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Bank of China

Bank of China


Bank of China have launched a ‘branch of the future’ concept store in the city of Guiyang, the capital of the Guizhou province, South West China.

The customer-centric branch uses technology, zoning and engaging service points to showcase digital channels with staff trained to demonstrate the latest in self-serve and mobile channels.

On entry the Smart Banking area is framed by a bold graphic texture which forms a visual language for in-branch digital channels. Customer advisory areas are prominently presented with more traditional teller transactions partially shielded from the main space.

Environmental graphics aid customer orientation and create a unique interior environment with large-format imagery specifically tailored to the region and capable of evolving throughout the year.

Launched amidst nationwide television coverage, the Shengfu branch represents the first of a number of pilots developed by allen international and a template for the continued development of new and existing branches within China.


Create a ‘branch of the future’ concept which showcases enhanced levels of customer service alongside a highly visible presentation of digital channels. 


A modern customer centric environment with prominent customer advisory areas supported by bold, dynamic digital communication. 


The first pilot branch was launched during 2014 amidst national television coverage. Customer reaction has been described as highly positive with a further 3 pilots currently under development.