Bank Al Etihad Jordan

Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad


allen international’s brief was to develop a marque which was progressive but had elements of the revolutionary and reflected a shift in the market positioning of Bank al Etihad (Union Bank).

The marque had to retain a local appeal and a relevance that was uniquely Jordanian. The new brand needed to express a contemporary outlook which reflected quality and a premium positioning while remaining simple and iconic

To enhance the Jordanian origins of the Bank the name was changed from Union Bank of Jordan to Bank al Etihad, giving the bank the same name in Arabic and English.


Develop a progressive marque.
Retain local appeal.
Reflect quality and premium positioning.


Create a distinctive new icon.
Change English name to
Bank al Etihad.
Ensure new identity reflects
affluent segment.


Superb reception in Jordan
and the Levant.
Strong statement of intent
by the bank.
Winner of the Pan Arab
Web Awards.