Bancolombia - largest retail bank in Colombia




Bancolombia, the largest retail bank in Colombia with close to 900 branches, briefed allen international to develop its branch environments to enhance the customer experience and better reflect its brand values.

Our retail design strategy centered on reconnecting Bancolombia with people and communities: customers are invited to contribute their thoughts, images and ideas to an ever-growing digital database integrated into the branch and providing a sense of ownership and pride for customers and staff alike.

Bancolombia implemented seven pilot branches in three major cities – Bogotá, Medellin, Barranquilla – and after rigorous testing began rolling-out the new design across the country.


Enhance customer experience.
Reflect brand values.
Increase revenues.


Developed community hub interior design strategy.
In-branch and online digital bulletin board.
Created sense of ownership for staff and customers.


Seven pilot branches built and tested.
Positive feedback from customers.
Countrywide rollout in progress.