Banco de Occidente branch design

Banco de Occidente

Banco de Occidente


Banco de Occidente’s brief was to design a new generation of branches alongside a new visual communication system and refreshed brand identity.

Following a comprehensive review and assessment of the bank’s customer touchpoints, allen international developed the retail branch concept as a key component in re-establishing the traditional strength of the bank in the mind of the Colombian marketplace.

The new-generation branch concept presents a striking, modern, authoritative brand with an ongoing focus on customer service. Digital communication is introduced at key points to better inform and engage customers during their in-branch journey.

The new communication guidelines create a visually distinctive look and feel that unifies the once disparate product areas and divisions whilst the refreshed visual identity modernises a well-established marque and creates clarity around its usage.


Create a modern retail branch concept and communication system for the Colombian market. 


Striking, modern and authoritative branch design.
Distinctive communications and refreshed visual identity.


Positive feedback from bank staff and customers alike.