AmBank Malaysia




AmBank turned to allen international to refresh their brand, launch the brand internally, and train staff to deliver a modern and cohesive banking experience through all touch points.

Primary to AmBank‚Äôs delivery is their branch network, where allen international worked closely with the brand and property team to create a newly invigorated experience for customers. Priority (premium) Banking was added to the bank’s segment offer and allen international created a new strategy to deliver this premium service to those customers.

The concept has been applied to five new branches and AmBank are now preparing to roll out the concept across their network.


Invigorate a well-known but
dated brand.
Bring cohesion to range of
financial services offers.
Deliver the experience
to customers.


Lively and modern brand language for well-loved mark.
Comprehensive training and restructuring.
Create a more fulfilling relationship with customers.


Pilot branches well received.
Mix of fully refurbished branch concepts and Kit of Parts.
Ongoing programme of colleague engagement activities and training.